Le Corti Di Begio


Ancient land where the sun always lays its eyes, rocked by blasts of air humid of water and hot of love.
An olive tree remembers you that planted its roots before your passage and will claim the land as its own, even while you will see passing its sap in a clay plate.
A white window opens onto a sea that looks to the East … whispering to you that this land was conquered, lived and loved by many other people before us.
Wild rocks, softened by waves that amuse themselves at ‘dawn of your thoughts and lead in marine dreams.
The changing glance of the moon lights up of romance the sultry nights of August, under a sky dotted with stars.
Winding streets, Greek-roman remains, oriental arabesques, basilicas and shrines combine the sacred and the profane, expand the space and time.
Ripe white and red grapes corrupt the eyes and lips, intoxicate the senses with the taste of their juice.
Expanses of golden wheat feed on light to give expert hands the dust of human life.
Streets crowded with people dance, bewitched by the rhythm of ancient sounds and instruments, capable of awakening the soul.
Trampled earth, forgotten, rejected and hated.
Land of everybody and nobody which I couldn’t leave, which I couldn’t forget, which I couldn’t love.


(Gabriella Galati)


From “LE CORTI DI BEGIO” you can move to the discovery of natural, gastronomic, cultural and flokloristic trails of Salento and Apulia. Have a look at the web sites below for a comprehensive information.


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