Le Corti Di Begio


“Concordia parvae res crescunt, discordia magnae dilabuntur”

Or “In harmony small things become large, the large scatter in discord.” So says Sallust in an inscription in stone of one of the walls that enclose “LA CORTE GRANDE”, as if to welcome the guests of “LE CORTI DI BEGIO”. This is the spirit that gave life to this manor house dating back to 1700, just a few steps from the centre of the small town of Patù. The restoration work, carried out with moderation and using local materials, allowed to leave unchanged the original home: a main body of the 1700 (LA CANONICA or THE RECTORY) and three other buildings of smaller size to form a kind of small village with its independent gardens and courts, which still preserve the memory of voices and works of the past. In respect of the original architecture of the eighteen century.

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